[1]杜长森,杨 義,付少海*.彩色乳胶粒的制备及其在纺织品喷墨印花中的应用研究进展[J].服装学报,2021,6(06):478-483.
 DU Changsen,YANG Yi,FU Shaohai*.Preparation of Colored Latex Particles and Research Progress in Textile Ink-Jet Printing[J].Journal of Clothing Research,2021,6(06):478-483.





Preparation of Colored Latex Particles and Research Progress in Textile Ink-Jet Printing
杜长森1;  杨 義2;  付少海*2
1. 苏州世名科技股份有限公司,江苏 昆山 215337; 2. 江南大学 纺织科学与工程学院,江苏 无锡 214122
DU Changsen1;  YANG Yi2;  FU Shaohai*2
1. Suzhou Sunmun Technology Co., Ltd., Kunshan 215337, China; 2. College of Textile Science and Engineering,Jiangnan University, Wuxi 214122, China
TS 194.21; TS 190.2
彩色乳胶粒具有尺寸小、粒径分布窄、颜色鲜艳以及聚合物成分可调控且固色牢度好等优点,可作为喷墨印花用着色剂进而替代颜料。综述了制备彩色乳胶粒的3种常用方法:共聚法、直接染色法和表面接枝法; 从彩色乳胶粒着色剂与聚合物的结合方式、单分散性和功能性3个方面分析了不同方法制得产品的特点。分析结果表明,彩色乳胶粒用于喷墨印花可有效解决小分子染料的利用率不高、颜料墨水稳定性差、喷墨印花织物色牢度不佳等问题,且印花织物的各项性能均能符合服用要求,在喷墨印花领域具有较佳的应用前景。
Color latex particles have the advantages of small size, narrow particle size distribution, bright color, adjustable polymer composition, good color fastness, and can be used as colorants for ink-jet printing to replace pigments.Three common methods for preparing colored latex particles are first reviewed,namely copolymerization, direct dyeing, and surface grafting. The characteristics of the color latex particles prepared by different methods are analyzed from the three aspects of the combination mode, monodispersity, and functionality between the colorant and the polymer in the color latex particles. The analysis results show that the use of colored latex particles in ink for inkjet printing can effectively solve the problems of the low utilization rate of small molecule dyes, the poor dispersion stability of pigment inks, poor color fastness of ink-jet printed fabrics. The performance of colored latex particles printed fabrics can reach wearing requirements. Colored latex particles have a better application prospect in the field of ink-jet printing.


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