ZHANG Yali,QU Hongjian*.Influence of Physical Cues in Clothing E-Servicescape on Consumers’ Purchasing Behavior[J].Journal of Clothing Research,2021,6(03):221-227.





Influence of Physical Cues in Clothing E-Servicescape on Consumers’ Purchasing Behavior
张亚丽;  曲洪建*
上海工程技术大学 纺织服装学院,上海 201620
ZHANG Yali;  QU Hongjian*
School of Textiles and Fashion,Shanghai University of Engineering Science,Shanghai 201620,China
F 713.55
为促进服装网络销售,基于刺激-机体-反应(S-O-R)模型,以顾客认知状态为中介变量,以时间压力和价格折扣为调节变量,构建网络服务场景物理线索对顾客购买行为影响的理论模型。采用因子分析和多元回归分析相结合的方法进行实证分析,结果表明:服装网络销售中财务安全、审美诉求及功能布局正向影响顾客购买行为; 正向情绪在财务安全、审美诉求和功能布局对顾客购买行为的影响中具有中介效应,虚拟触觉在审美诉求、功能布局对顾客购买行为的影响中具有中介效应; 价格折扣在正向情绪对顾客购买行为的影响中起到调节作用。据此提出策略建议。
In order to promote clothing online sales, based on the S-O-R model, this paper constructed a theoretical model of the influence of physical cues in e-servicescape on customers’ purchasing behavior, with customer cognitive state as the intermediary variable,time pressure and price discount as the regulating variable. Factor analysis and multiple regression analysis were used for empirical analysis. The results show that: financial security, aesthetic appeal and functional layout in clothing online sales positively affect customers’ purchasing behavior.Positive emotion has a intermediary effect in the influence of financial security, aesthetic appeal and functional layout on customers’ purchasing behavior.Virtual touch has a intermediary effect in the influence of aesthetic appeal and functional layout on customers’ purchasing behavior. Price discount plays a moderating role in the influence of positive emotion on customers’ purchasing behavior. Based on this, the paper put forward some strategic suggestions.


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